Dag van Heling door Starpeople
Kosmische uitlijning - liefdevol- krachtig- licht- een nieuw begin

Een healingteam vanuit sterrenrassen zoals oa. de White Lionesses, Felines,  Cosmic Whales & Dolphins from Sirius, Intergalactical federation-members, Mantas-starrace, Wizzars, Witte broederschap en Aboriginal elders faciliteren deze dagen van HELING.


Zondag 25 april 2021 -  DNA-Heling & Voorouders

Overige data 

Zondag 23 Mei - Liefde & Verbinding
Zondag 27 JuniFysieke & emotionele pijn

'We want to present us to you. You know us as Lionpeople, felines, ascended masters, dolphins whales and starbeings Fromout the Intergalactical federation involved with planetarian health and individual well-being.
We come to you to facilitate on healing-practices in colloboration with the heart of the Ones who feel compassionate to come.

Dear Ones, it is Time tot heal you innermost wounds caused by all kinds of matter. This is because it is time to step into new knowledge and new paradigms of Reality. Collectively the light-vibration has been highly increased.
Those with wounds,  secrets to hold and secluded issues from the heart suffer a great deal because those frequencies can no longer be held inside the body-realm without feeling sick and miserable. 
We have always, for eons of Time guarded Mankind and its foremost purpose that's three-folded: to Evolve,  to wake-up from Illusions and to Experience. You are waking up now to a much more broader reality where deep heartfelt longings surface and start to blossom. Be the Free One that you already Are. Come to this realisation.
With this we facilitate you. Some of us repair tissue some of us give healing insights; we all have our special abilities. We want to Awake you to your callings. And for you to be able to let go the old patterns and step into new paradigms of the One we would like to offer some help.'

Eerstvolgende Data:  Zondag 25 april - DNA en Voorouders
Tijd: 9.45 u. Aanwezig  /10 - 17 uur / Inloop vanaf 9.30u.  
Thema: Heling op DNA-level - Heling van Voorouderlijnen 
Inhoud van de dag
Doorgevingen - Persoonlijke channeling - Muziek & mediatie - Lunch - Helingsceremonies met Sjamanendrum

Bijdrage: 125 euro  incl. koffie/thee/ uitgebreide Lunch en btw
Je ontvangt specifieke persoonlijke informatie & Tools die je thuis verder helpen.

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