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The Unbending Wind 

The Unbending Wind you know
takes me to high and the low

I cannot say it otherwise
underneath everywhere it lays

the Principles of the One Source
will change our doomed course

the Principles of Love
purity of the white dove

so Thorough as it seems to be
and yet its Waving is all I see

Copyright E.S. Roodvoets /2018


Oh great Goddess wild and free
guardian of water great oceans
the wild wild Sea
Goddess of deserts and the forest
inside the tall tall Tree

Keeper of purity divinity integrity
you shine
with all that you have
your Breath
is in all that you Are
and so above

Calm soft and wise
fiercely Alive

above it all
you Rise


Copyright E.S. Roodvoets /2017

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