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Shaman Aayla 6 & 7th of july 2024 in Katlijk, friesland:
re- Awakening the Ancient Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine Power within

Ancient Siberian Shamanism (Aayla) & Shambala Diamond Heart Wisdom (Crystal Owl)

2 ceremonies about the ancient Wisdom fromout Shambala performed by Aayla 
Saturday 6th of july: the wisdom of the womb, purifying the womb and opening the inner portal towards your own power
Sunday the 7th of july (high energetic portal-day) connecting your womb with Shambala wisdom and entering the sacred space of Shambala

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I met Shaman Aayla and her lovely team of 2 assistants at the end of april 2024*.
Aayla was performing an ancient siberian shamanism ritual about the wisdom and healing of the feminine womb.
During a private session it was clear where this meeting was actually all about; we came deeply into connection about Shambala or Belovodye as it is called in Aayla her tradition.
To me Shambala is the central guidance in my life; it is all about Purity, ancient Wisdom and mastery. The Shambala Diamond Heart Teachings are steppingstones I have been receiving fromout of Shambala towards Self-mastery and Living the light you Are.

We decided to bring our knowledge, wisdom, love and joy together, connecting our hearts and let it be benificial for all women who want to join.
We will do a seminar with 2 sessions of 3 hours each in which Aayla will lead the powerful ceremonies.

Who is Siberian Shaman Aayla?
Aayla is a renowned siberian/ altai shaman for more than 20 years. At the moment she is working, travelling and performing healing and rituals in over 37 countries. She is very dedicated and has a strong Vision about bringing the original feminine power back to women all over the world. 'This power is our birthright and it was taking away from us' she says. 'When women come into power they want to create, sing, play dance heal and act it out in very creative ways. Creating beauty and harmony is what we do with this power.'

Aayla is a master of the Gyud technique, and through work with the subconscious she solves such serious problems as hereditary diseases, celibacy wreath, various phobias and much more. Aayla is engaged in charity, and directs the money from the seminars to help orphans, old people and refugees. She is an environmentalist, a member of the Green party. In many cities, where the shaman held events, activities on gardening and garbage collection were held under her leadership. Last year, she initiated expeditions to purify the nature of Altai, Lake Baikal and southern Kazakhstan.

In her trainings and seminars, she teaches the art of Orphism. The ancient technique of sans-theater allows a person to find a way out of a difficult life situation in a playful way and prevent its recurrence.

She passes on to her students the ancient yoga complexes she studied in Tibet. These are profound practices that allow you to find the unity of the body, emotions and mind. More about Aayla you can read here.

Invitation: be welcome on the 6th & 7th of july 19 - 22u.
We warmly invite you to this very special event held on saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of july. It is for women only!
It is strongly recommended to be present in both ceremonies; they are woven together.
Aayla is speaking the russian language and her assistant Magda is translating it to english.
Translation into dutch/ nederlands is possible.

Dates: Saturday 6th of july 19.00 - 22.00u.
Sunday 7th of july 19.00 - 22.00u.
Time: 19.00 - 22.00u.
Doors open at: 18.30u. Please be on time!

Location: Zijnsplek , bisschoplaan 12 Katlijk (nearby Heerenveen,  Friesland, the Netherlands)
Your contribution for both Ceremonies: 166 euro
Your contribution for only the 6th or the 7th of july: 88 euro
This includes tea, cookies and nuts

Individual healingsessions

It is possible to receive personal sessions by Shaman Aayla. You may contact her on the first evening to schedule your appointment.
You can also buy special strong protection amulets made by Aayla.

'It is time to Unite, to restore and to celebrate the sacred feminine power!'

* special thanks to Morningstar Eva Oquendo, beautiful collegue and owner of Zennergi who did a lot of ceremonial preperations and work to connect Aayla with our groups. Zennergi organises ceremonies for women with Ayla in december 2024.

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