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Wizzarteachings 1 & 2 july together with Matthias Walter

The Wheel of Intent of the Wizzars - becoming Masters of matter



On the 1st & 2nd of July we, Matthias Walter - White Lightfire & EekeSjoukje Roodvoets - White Diamond Tigerheart, organize a very special & powerful Event together with the Wizzardos of Birma.
The content for those 2 days has formed itself mainly fromout direct communication; this is the ancient way of the wizzars and how they mostly communicate with the world and their 'spoke-persons'

The Wizzar teachings we're facilitating has been given the name:
'The Wheel of Intent of the Wizzars -  becoming Masters of Matter '

Who is Matthias White Lightfire?
Matthias Walter has together with his wife a big vision for the world. They are the founders of the worldwide Peacetree organisation. Matthias was called by the wizzars to come to MyanMar where he planted a Peacetree. In 201
9 we (as being Eagle-friends) travelled together with a beautiful group to MyanMar (Birma) to the Monastery of the Wizzars.
Matthias travels across the whole world now to meet thel aboriginal tribal people from all over the world and he puts his big heart in to to form a big worldwide Community.

More about Matthias: and

Who is EekeSjoukje White Diamond Tigerheart?
EekeSjoukje received her spiritual name White Diamond Tigerheart by Wizzardo U. Kowida
during her visit in Birma. He told her that she is known by this name. Kowida showed her a big vision that involved being a spokeperson for the wizzars and giving the teachings and vibration of the wizzars to the world to those who are ready to receive it. Since her early twenties EekeSjoukje was in direct communication with the wizzars which she thought at first that they where buddhist monks. They where guiding the deep process of re-membering that she experienced.
A few years ago they really revealled themselves as being Weizzardo Sayadaw Bhaddanta U. Kowida and the abbot of the Monastery: Keinda. After this revelation she had the opportunity to undergo the traditional alchemical rituals of the Wizzars in the Monastery of Sayadaw U. Kowida in Birma.  

Saturday 1st of July: 10.00 - 21.30 h.
Sunday 2nd of July: 10.00 - 17.00 h

Content of the 2-days
* Direct Comunication by the ancient Wizzars
* Profound Teachings about the Wheel of Intent of the Ancient Wizzars
* Powerful wizzar fire-ceremonies in Nature 
* and more beautiful surprises

The Wizzarteachings are English spoken - translation in deutsch and nederlands is possible.

Location & Adress
Zijn Plek (means Place of beingness)
A nice renovated elementary- school with a huge gardenplace. In a forestry surrounding.
Adress: Bisschoplaan 12, 8455 JM Katlijk (near Heerenveen, friesland - north of the Netherlands)

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366 euro p.p.

This includes beautiful biological lunches & diner, tea & coffee & cake & chocolat, mineralised water and all material etc.

There are a lot of locations (B&B's, hotels, camping-sites etc.) where you could spend the night(s).
This area is a beautiful nature-reservation area. We will provide adresses where you could stay.

If you feel the calling, please come!
Namaste en be very Welcome!
Welcome ကြိုဆိုပါတယ် - tʃo so ba de

Matthias Walter - White Lightfire &
EekeSjoukje Roodvoets - White Diamond Tigerheart

More about the wizzars and their messages:

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