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Doorgevingen Wizzars

By Kowida - Message for the World 
The One and the Many 

D.d. 23.04.2020 


Kowida is a Wizzar from Birma (MyanMar) who prolonged his life on Earth for the benefits of Earth, Mankind and all starnations 

Hier te beluisteren:

It is been said that Humanity will stand strong. They will unite as One when their eyes come to See. Wake Up raise up the Vibrations where You Can.

You Are the Ones who were all tthis time waiting to be saved and served but YOU are the Ones we all have been waiting for. Broaden your beliefs and views about time and Space because in the next future much is going to be revealed on this. You are the timetravellers that came from afar. Know thyselves remember. 
Let the veils of the Unheard be washed away now and ALLOW life to Unfold it's NATURAL way. 

When you stop eating artificial nutritiens and that's not only food but also images, information, created phantoms, than the phantomcreated matrixes in your life are falling away or revealing themselves to you, too. 
It is so below so above so without so within. Remember this very old Sacred way of learning about Truth.

Dear Ones, you have a massive power withIN that is called Compressed lifeforce. Light, love, sound, harmony this is all the Same. 
The One and the Many; on this contradiction life on Earth is build as you know. 
But Remember, before  there can be Two, the One OR the Other, there first was the ONE.
This One is not Personal.
This One is not a Man
This One is not a female
This One is not a This.
The One is the Water and the Air where in you live and breath. And it is só obvious, that you tend to forget about it. 
Come Home to your true Source. Create fromout your One Pure Heart the many mirrors of reflection of the One.

You know like statues of the Buddha are not himself and like golden high buildings cannot meet up with God it is like this with you also. You are a reflection of the One and in the Same moment you are the One that is in all the Many .
It's insane to conquer with another piece of reflection since they ARE the One too. 
If creations could come fromout a heart that Understands this toroughly Miracles of beauty will occur.
Never can you hold this miracles of beauty in your Mind. Like you can't 'hold' a Rainbow or a Cloud that forms into a clear form of a bird an animal or buddha himself. This happens and in the early days it happened more often because it guided people in the good Way.
Nowadays miracles done by wizzars would do not so much good because people diminish it, misuse or mistrust this. And also we wizzars are not that different from earthly men. We streched out our abilities a bit but that's still within the reach of being Human.
The oridinary man or woman has been afraid of Change and stretching those borders. We understand. 

The heart must be so open and so true in order for men to reveal life's Truth.

Much is going on in this world nowadays, much is given to the Sacred Lights of heaven in order to gain Space.
Space Space. In your rooms in your energetic rooms, like the Mind like the heart..
You are here right here and now in such a profound timespectrum to help the human and astral races raise their frequencies.
Much is being Revealed about this.


Keep up with the frequencies. Make the space clear in your heart and Mind.
There are a lot of new medicins available; Smart medicins whicj will find its way throughout the bodily system of yours if you take this. 
And this wille be said too: Scared is not a prpoer word anymore... Sacred is the word that you can place in your heart in order to replace it. 
If you Come and abide into knowingness there is nothing to be scared about only this is to be known. The Oneness that you Are.

With sincere gratitude
to all living beings,


Weizzardo Sayadaw Bhaddanta U. Kowida  

Doorgegeven 23.04.2020 aan EekeSjoukje Roodvoets
Crystal Owl -

Direct Communication Kowida - 23th of April 2020

By Kowida - Message for the World 
Reveil the Veil

D.d. 24.05.2020 


Kowida is a Wizzar from Birma (MyanMar) who prolonged his life on Earth for the benefits of Earth, Mankind and all starnations 

This is I want to reveil towards you. The world has been covered with veils and cloaks of people who knew about great powers and used them to increase greed and fear.  
Fear is not a Truth you must begin to realise that. Fear has no beginning and also no end it is and endless repetition of a frequence that is artificial made.

Source energy feels like a sparklin’ vibration; soft, strong, tender, great, wide, endless all at the same time.  On this Source energy you could feed everyone and everything endlessly and regardless of what they believe or what forms and shapes they have.
Now. You are made of  this Source energy. You are the created Content; a dense version of this ever-expanding energy. How not could you be less than perfekt? How not could you be less than Great.
It is within the form that illusions occur.
You agreed upon that and for all’s sake. For the sake of the greater good you learn and create and recreate in many different forms you have in many many dimensions at the same time.

You only can perceive yourself as standing still. Being a singlepointed being with one form that gradually develops and grows older: ahead in time. But timeframes are working very differently in many other dimensions. For instance: what would happen when Times tends to go backwards? Bend your mind around that.

You could say that how you think the world Is is artificial. It is made up.
And now what? the mind says. What’s the point and why are you saying this?
Because dear Ones the world is showing you the wobbly truth. The vibration of Source itself is moving through every existance and thus is shattering all illusion.
An when illusion falls away Truth is being Revealed.
First, for you, Truth in form and than, behind that, you can and you will perceive that Energy that was always there, holding the worlds together: the energy that’s Source itself.
So you are this.


In the upcoming months big systems, intertwined with your collective believe-systems, are collapsing.
In the news you will find and sense this. It gives a disturbance; a rippling effect is caused by this as if a big rock was thrown into a deep pond.
Just observe this, don’t allow it to knock you down because it is the illusion that falls away, not Truth.


Over Earth are sheeds, clouds you could say, that is holding back the light of the One Source into the Awareness of Mankind.

Be that One that makes the difference. See through the veils. Don’t fight the Veil.
Remember that you ARE freedom itself.

With sincere gratitude to all life and living beings,


Weizzardo Sayadaw Bhaddanta U. Kowida  

Doorgegeven 24.05.2020 aan EekeSjoukje Roodvoets
Crystal Owl -

By Kowida - Message for the World 
The world awakening is Opening up
D.d. 19.03.2020 


Kowida is a Wizzar from Birma (MyanMar) who prolonged his life on Earth for the benefits of Earth, Mankind and all starnations 


Hier te beluisteren:





In the years to come the World-Awakening is opening Up. What this means is thats the Shells before the eyes of large amounts of people are falling away. Suddenly they see Truth in a new perspective and this makes that the whole Identity what they thought they are is falling away. From and towards themselves but also towards governments, social rules, laws and all kind of restrictive patterns in their areas of daily life. 

In the beginning there will be a lot of Confusion, sadness, anger; pain that has been kept for Ages and Ages is coming out.
But there will also be Joy, tremendous Joy. Truth does that. It reveales the Being, it reveales the untamed undamaged One that was all the time behind the veils of Society and the Identity as You as a person.

Fromout this tremendous Joy healing of the heart-issues will occur.
And people will start to make choices that are beneficial to the Earth.
What is good for the Earth, the great Mother is good for the beings on the Earth: the children. And this is to be placed in the highest perspective of the true meaning of that 'what is Good'.

The pollution could occur because there was Greed. Greed is one of the fires that mankind has to overcome.
Anger and Ignorance are the other 2 fires.
So give and take was being brought out of Balance. Out , by purpose,  the divine natural state of Completeness.
And this is why so many people feel that they are not whole, that they are Incomplete. 
To restore this knowledge you can win it back. The wholeness brings you healing and when you are there its There.

The really important things in life are not Things. The really important things in life are there already. They are love Purity Joy Wisdom and all the Principles that come right out Source itself.

When you feel as beings a need for change: this you bring to the world. Yourself in the purest state of Beingness. 
You are a conglomerate (verzameling) of SourcePrinciples . You are being build like that and that is the Truth. 
Re- member with yourself. You are not alone. You are Awareness behind the Awareness who is remembering Itself.
So this whole journey of Remembering: this is called life. 
Live your life.
Simply be. Feel as One. Be.

Yours Truly,
Weizzardo Sayadaw Bhaddanta U. Kowida  

Doorgegeven 19.03.2020 aan EekeSjoukje Roodvoets
Crystal Owl - 

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