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Channeling Creators of the Pyramids

Transmission 18th of december 2023

by Chief Commander of the Sirrilian Embassy

Channeled by EekeSjoukje Roodvoets – Crystal Owl White Tigerheart

About the Bosnian Pyramids – Constructs on earth by Extraterrestial intelligences – Diamond Sun –

Enlightenment and Illumination

The pyramids are constructs, a huge biosphere, that is created as an artificial benefactor for this Earth and its beings.

With the right conditions you can create a perfect enviroment which benefits all sentient beings. It creates a wave, a pulsation of the frequency from Source itself.

In many regions all over the world we created devices which were to be found much later in the timelines which were working on Earth.

This keeping it secret for eons of times is done by many civilisations for many reasons. But those devices we are talking about were placed fromout an Alliance, a cooperation of many starraces from the outerplanes of your current Galaxy.

All together in a final conclusion you could now say that it is TIME and it is POSSIBLE to enclose certain hidden Realities, such as the Bucegi Region the karpats, Shambala and Bosnian - Mexican lines. Egypt is on this line too, yes.

And why this is so?

The revelation of the origins of humanity and the ability to understand this, to grasp this, is now coming to a peak.

Yes, it all has to do with your Central Sun but also the Central Sun in your Galaxy responds to a network of Cause and Effekt. In other words: the Diamond Sun is working on your Sun which activates fields of Awareness on Earth, which activates fields that were held in certain areas inside and above the Earth.

There is a big shift coming up that has to do with Beingness. Coming to the truth of who you are and being able to act fromout this new consciousness will create a new human race because dorment (sleeping) cells and strands of DNA are awakened by it. It’s the light of your consciousness that will cause this domino-effect.

There is much to be revealed about what Light really is. The term conscious light will become a wellknown fact. This is what your governments will (be trying to) prevent because light is not tangible and therefor not controlable. Your knowledge about intangibility makes you a sovereign civilian or should we say Sirrilian?

Many of you don’t have Earth as your main home. The relation you have with this beautiful blue Pearl of Consciousness will reveal itself when you are Open to it.

The history of Earth and the development of so many civilisations that inhabitated the Earth is all memorized. Beyond Scrolls in pots, hieroglyphs and underwater cities there is yet so much more sophistication to be revealed. We are races that had put our highest technologies inside hollow spaces yet to be found, everywhere in the World.

Many of these sites are in deep sleep because of what I just revealed to you: the domino-effect has yet to occur.

One thing all those devices which have different purposes have incommon and that is: revelation and disclosure of the true origins about all life and releasing energies on Earth again which needed to be kept, that causes pure Awakening and Pure Consciousness.

New insights about doing and non-doing arise because of these new frequencies on Earth.

New interests on non-gravity, mediation-techniques which bring Mastery towards the laws of fysics,

and with this mentioning the fysical laws we tell you that fysics is about to change.

Upheaval can be expected inside the domain of the so-claimed experts in Science.

Science becomes more and more fluent, adaptable and inconsistent with the known behaviourism of all life and living in the form.

How the unknown is influencing all to day-life is being revealed by being confronted with

lightfrequency multidmensional devices. A word of care should not be taken lightly. It is not by conscious acts that people die because of their interaction with the Unknown.

It’s the Unknown that interacts with One’’s field of Cosnciousness and therefore un-explainable things could be happening/ can happen.

When your interest lays in the unrevealed and you are greatly drawn to what is yet to come, remember to expect in your Awareness the unexpected.

Its is for these times for the human structure important to be prepared for a grander view of life.

Everything you have been fixated will somehow come loose. Expect this. Know this to be happening.

A great revelation comes gradually seeping in your conscious field but the grasping of its meaning can come with a blow of intense light!

This ‘enlightenment’ can be prepared.

This enlightenment must be prepared and for this the teachers, healers, shamans, pronouncers, guides and living Masters receive this new flow of Inspiration that is coming straight out of the Diamond Sun.

The Alliance of the Starraces are preparing this work for them.

The frequency inside the Pyramids is not of One specific frequency. It is loaded with Purpose.

The Purpose of Revelation so the Awakening can occur and is there on the Earth again.

Remember the domino-effect. By this occurrence you can See where the Whole process is leading up to. All events are connected because all life is connected..

The dark forces are also included in the disclosure-movement. (!) When you are able to See this, a great change in Perception can happen for you which will reveal so much more of the One Truth than you can possibly imagine.

This all is just the beginning of a whole new Era in which YOU are Alive. You will see that you consciously choose this era of time, how ingenious it all is and how connected it all, and we ALL, are.

Much to be continued,

Chief Commander of the Sirrilian Emabassy,


May the Force of Peace be with you

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